the uniqueness of forms and grace of lines


    Looking like the sea surface, the wavy form of lamellas makes each product unique due to its waves combinations. Being similar in size and colour, each product is individual and distinct.


    Properly matching lamellas and their colour combinations will express your inimitable taste and character . Wide colour range will fill the space with harmony of natural forms. It will help to realize any fantasy.


    Being inspired by natural geometry, original lamellas form creates an unusual picture of shades that changes with the Sun’s position during the day. The play of light and shadow will always be different like kaleidoscope patterns. Smooth lines and soft fabric texture scatter light in a natural way creating comfort and coziness.

Real exclusive

The offered product is presented for the first time. You haven't seen it before. There is a unique chance for you to be the first to see. Unique lamellas forms similar to the natural waves.


You can also order curly blinds Sunsails sinusoidal type.


You can order figured Sunsails blinds from around the globe. Please order from our dealers that can be found on the map. The dealers list is being constanty expanded.

If you haven’t found the Sunsails representative in your region, or your local representative can’t service you, please contact the Sunsails head office. deal@sunsails.eu. We will reply to your request within 24 hours.


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